Our Leadership

Steve Matous, Executive Director of Outward Bound USA, works with the Leadership Team and the Board of Directors to deliver the mission of Outward Bound through our educational framework in the wilderness, in cities, and in schools across the country. We are, in the words of our Founder Kurt Hahn, "Crew, not passengers."

Leadership Team

Steve Matous, Executive Director 
Christy Borst, Board/Executive Relations and Special Projects Manager
Erin Frederick, National Director of Development
Penny Jeffers, Director of Operations  
Sandy Hunter, Controller
Steve Neal, Risk Management Officer
Mark Vermeal, Vice President of Safety

Board of Directors

Lee Skold, Chairman
Laura Kohler, Vice Chair
Mark Abramowitz
Clayton Fowler
Lewis Glenn
Stephen Hassenfelt
Scott Key
John Pasmore
Darren Richman
Michael Rooney
Catherine Smith

Outward Bound USA

Outward Bound USA is the national Outward Bound organization in America governing national safety, risk management and scholarship fundraising for the Outward Bound system. Outward Bound USA owns the Outward Bound brand and charters schools to provide student programs in the U.S.