Throughout our history, Outward Bound has been studied, evaluated and analyzed by hundreds of academics and research professionals. Over the past several years, Outward Bound has engaged in a rigorous effort to evaluate our outcomes post-course and longitudinally. The charts below summarize some of the recent results of this effort.

Course End Evaluations

For courses 5 days or longer, all students complete a course end evaluation. The chart below illustrates responses. As you can see, the vast majority of participants report that Outward Bound has a positive impact on them in areas such as leadership, service and confidence.

Outward Bound Course End Evaluation Outcomes

Since the end of my Outward Bound Course...

As part of our one year post-course longitudinal research study, we asked participants about things they had done since their course ended. Even a year post-course, participants report that their Outward Bound course has impacted their lives positively.

Since the end of my Outward Bound Course

Outward Bound Centers (1-2 days courses)

After 1-2 days, Outward Bound offers measurable benefits to participants on our shorter courses in communities such as Denver, Philadelphia, Omaha, Bay Area and Baltimore.

What You can gain from Outward Bound Courses

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