Our mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery.


We teach to and work by these values:

—Demonstrating concern and acting with a spirit of respect and generosity in service to others.

—Acting with honesty, being accountable for your decisions and actions.

—Being your best self, pursuing craftsmanship in your actions, and living a healthy and balanced life.

Inclusion and Diversity
—Valuing and working to create communities representative of our society that support and respect differences.


Design Principles

We use these principles to design and deliver programs:

Learning through Experience
—Facilitating engaging, relevant, sequential experiences that promote skill mastery and incorporate reflection and transference.
—Learning from success as well as failure.

Challenge and Adventure
—Using unfamiliar settings to impel students into mentally, emotionally and physically demanding experiences.
—Utilizing and managing appropriate risk.

Supportive Environment
—Designing an experience that supports physical and emotional safety.
—Developing a caring and positive group culture.



These are the outcomes common to all of our programs and what we measure:

Character Development
—Demonstrating increased self-confidence and self-actualization.
—Demonstrating compassion toward others and living a healthy and balanced life.

—Demonstrating the ability to set goals, and inspire and guide others to achieve them.
—Demonstrating the ability to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and resolve conflicts effectively.

—Demonstrating social and environmental responsibility.
—Actively engaging in service to others.