The Classic Journey

Skill Building

Gain fundamental skills in wilderness travel, campcraft and self-care that will help you on course and will translate to life back home.


Share group responsibilities and function as a team—navigate for part of the day, cook dinner, select your route to that night’s camp.

Final Expedition

Meet the challenge of a final expedition designed to suit age, skill and competencies gained throughout the length of your course. Some groups may travel independently of instructors using pre-arranged check-ins to monitor progress. The accomplishment is real and the feeling of success is yours to keep.


Tackle at least one challenge element—rock climbing, a peak ascent or a big whitewater day—that will push you as an individual and impel you to find strength you didn’t know you had. You will topple your perceived limits throughout your course and for the rest of your life.


Solo. A time to sit alone and reflect on your journey. Depending on course length, you will spend from several hours up to three days at your own campsite with shelter, food, water and regular check-ins from your instructors. Many students find Solo to be the highlight of their experience.


Participate in a service project like trail building or volunteer work for the Forest Service. Taking time to haul, sweat, hammer or dig for people you may never see enriches the world and yourself.

Building Character

Outward Bound classic expeditions require participants to dig deep and discover hidden strength. After course, students report high levels of confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills; three times the number as before course.

Teaching Leadership

Challenge, adventure and teamwork combine to create an ideal platform for teaching leadership. Outward Bound pushes you to explore and enhance leadership skills on course and back home. One year post-course, nearly 90% of students report being more of a leader.

Inspiring Service

All graduates are encouraged to continue to live the Outward Bound experience throughout their lives. Nearly 75% of our students have participated in community service one year post-course.