Rafting - Read and Master the River

Rafting is exhilarating. Not only do you get to ride down big water, you help paddle, you scout and plan your descent with your team as well as cook your food, and care for your gear. This is definitely not a guided trip!

On your rafting adventure, you may be paddling rafts, paddlecats or sit-on-top kayaks. You learn to read the dynamics of the river; learn how to scout and identify obstacles; and learn which paddle stroke to use so when you approach the rapid and feel the force of the water, you can dig your paddle in with authority. 

Rafting is a lot of fun, but it is also an experience that can teach you a lot about life. During your expedition you need to communicate with your crewmates. You need to work as a team to get things accomplished. And sometimes you need to step into a leadership role. Throughout your adventure, as an individual and as a team member, you'll discover your real inner strength.  And once you discover it, you'll always know where to find it.

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