Sea Kayaking Trips - Learning to Balance

Kayaks allow you to travel into waters too shallow for most boats as you explore diverse coastlines. As your skills progress, you will face new challenges such as crossing open water or navigating in the soft light of dawn. At night, make camp and sleep on the beach under the stars.  

The water will test your balance and give you a feeling of self-confidence as you learn to master the necessary skills. You will learn to paddle solo and/or tandem kayaks. You will also learn strokes, how to read ocean currents, water rescue techniques, and how to navigate with charts. Coastal environments are incredibly rich with wildlife such as  whales and sea otters or even seals or harbor porpoises. No matter where you travel to go on an Outward Bound sea kayaking expedition course, you will see a change in yourself.

At Outward Bound, we guide you on the first step of a journey that continues for the rest of your life. The everyday challenges of your course will teach you to go beyond what you thought you knew about yourself and your capabilities. You are stronger than you thought. And, once you realize that, you will be able to access that strength again and again throughout your life. Don't settle for just any kayak trip with any kayaking school, rise to the challenge of one of Outward Bound's sea kayaking trips and take home the courage to follow your own path.

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