dog sledding trip for women

This is an eight-day expedition in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  On skis and dog sleds you blaze trails across the snow covered frozen lakes. This course is designed for women want to share an adventure that includes companionship with working huskies, conversations around a roaring fire, seeing what you are made of when the temperature dips below zero and do more than you thought possible.


Learn to drive a dog team, cross country ski, travel across frozen lakes, split wood and build toasty fires.  Surprise yourself as you discover that staying warm in winter is easier than you thought.  You will spend the first afternoon at our basecamp getting outfitted and then spend that night sleeping out to get acclimated with the support of a building nearby.

The next morning you will set out on a 5-day expedition.  The minute you touch the sled, the dogs awaken, and their barking escalates until you set off.  When not mushing, you will break a trail on skis for the team of hard working huskies who carry your food and some equipment.  Nightfall brings the work of setting up your home for the night, followed by conversation around the campfire under starry skies.

Not long before returning to the basecamp, you will experience solo. Solo invites you to practice what you have been learning.  Spend the night at an assigned camp; set up your own shelter and cook your own dinner.  This is a chance for work, relaxation, and reflection.  Instructors will check in regularly.

You will finish up your course back at basecamp making sure the dogs are all set in their homes and getting yourself ready to return your home after a final meal together with your expedition crew.


The BWCAW is a million-acre expanse of lakes and granite that has been specifically protected as a true American wilderness—no roads, signs, or power lines. It has changed little since the glaciers receded 10,000 years ago.  In winter it offers amazing expanses of frozen lakes, snow covered trees, and crystalline mornings. Wolves are one of the few species up about in winter and it is not uncommon to hear their howl or see their tracks. Sparkling snowscapes, frosty pines and the hush of the snow will be etched in your mind as you look back on your adventures traveling through the border country.

  • Dog sledding
  • Expedition cross-country skiing
  • Winter camping
Skills and Certifications
  • Dog care and first aid
  • Cross country skiing
  • Sawing and splitting wood
  • Staying warm
  • Expedition style travel
  • Leave No Trace Ethics

To apply for this course click the apply button next to the course dates that work for you. The non-refundable application fee of $125 is due at the time of application. Full course tuition and in-course transportation fee are due within 60 days of course start date. Course tuitions listed do not include our application fee or transportation fee. You can also call one of our expert Admissions Advisors at 866-467-7651.