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Dates Days Age Tuition Course # Actions More Information
1/13/15 - 2/9/15 28 16 - 20 $6595 NSSE-561 Apply

Florida Canoeing Odyssey - Intercept 16-20

Activities Canoeing
Age Range 16 - 20
Length 28
Financial Aid Yes
Tuition 6595
Transp. Fee $125
Start Date 1/13/15
End Date 2/9/15

Intercept is a special program for Outward Bound. This course is designed to serve youth aged 16-20 and their families by helping them address behaviors such as unhealthy risk-taking, low motivation, defiance or poor school performance. Courses are presented as metaphors for the transition from childhood to adulthood and designed to help teens connect their desire for more freedom with the reality that they must take on additional responsibility.

Course Description

This 28-day canoeing expedition is for struggling teens ages 16-20. Throughout the course students will be introduced to the joys and challenges of expeditionary canoe travel, camp craft and group dynamics while traveling on the unique river systems of central Florida that head out to the Intercostal Waterway on the Atlantic Ocean. 

This Intercept Course is broken down into three components: a wilderness expedition, debrief and Parent/Student seminar. Together these components focus on teamwork, communication, leadership skills and helping our students practice making positive decisions, finding new strength/self-esteem and working to find new directions and to create a path to a brighter future.

Courses are highly structured with explicit wilderness, communication and leadership skills progression. It is not a therapeutic program and cannot accommodate students with certain psychiatric conditions, significant struggles with chemical dependency or those with a history of violent behavior. 

Parent/Guardian Seminar

The Parent/Guardian Seminar lasts for two days and is at the end of the course. At least one parent or guardian is required to attend the seminar. First, instructors meet with family members to talk about each student’s experience. Then, after students rejoin their families, instructors work with family groups to facilitate the transfer of “trail” learning to the home environment.

About Solo

A two-day solo provides an important break from the rigors of the expedition. With sufficient food and equipment, students will spend time alone at an assigned campsite to rest, reflect, and practice the camp-craft skills they have been learning throughout the course. Our instructors will choose the solo site for the crew. It will offer as much solitude as possible, but will be within hearing distance of the other group members for safety. The group will not travel during this time and the instructors will check on each participant occasionally. This Solo will last 38-48 hours.

About Intercept Instructors

Typical Outward Bound Intercept instructors are adventurous people with a breadth of life experiences, including broad knowledge of outdoor activities, group facilitation skills and a passion for working with struggling youth and young adults. Many of our instructors are Outward Bound alumni and are required to participate in our 12-day At-Risk New Staff Training which focuses on tools, techniques and theories for working with the Intercept student population. Instructors are also certified in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention through the Crisis Prevention Institute, and have been trained in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory and Motivational Interviewing. 

During an Intercept course the ratio of instructors to students is, at maximum, 1:5 and there are at least two instructors per course. Often times we have three staff and a maximum of 11 students. The groups of instructors are generally co-ed, unless it is a student group of a single gender.

A Voluntary Commitment

Outward Bound does not expect students to be highly motivated to embark on an Intercept program. We are not, however, an incarceration program. We require that all students agree to participate and require that they follow our rules. Outward Bound works hard to encourage full participation from all individuals, so while we make every attempt to keep motivation high, if students are not willing to complete the program or are determined to leave course, we will not keep them against their will.

*North Carolina Outward Bound School cannot accept age waivers for Intercept courses. Due to the maturity level as well as general size, we have found that in the past students are not as successful in age groups outside of their own. 


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