Delaware water gap canoeing trip for grieving teens
  • Delaware water gap canoeing trip for grieving teens

This one-week course is a unique Outward Bound adventure specifically designed for teens coping with the death of a loved one. You’ll be traveling along the famous Delaware River through the rugged and historic Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Course Description

By combining personal growth methodologies of Outward Bound, with a simple support model that honors the griever, we deliver an intensely profound healing experience relevant to the lives of people who are coping with the death of a loved one.  Throughout the course there are evening discussions to review personal and group challenges encountered during the day and in life. Topics include grieving, leadership, independent decision-making, responsibility, and teamwork.

Travel expedition-style with everything you need to travel comfortably packed in your canoe. "Expedition-style" means that you will leave our Philadelphia base camp on the first day of your course and not return to it until the end of the course. You will travel with all the food and equipment you need to conduct your expedition: stoves, tents, food, etc. Your crew might occasionally sleep at the same campsite twice, but generally you will be moving to a new campsite every night as you canoe down the river.

As with all Outward Bound courses, an element of service may be included. Often our crews work in partnership with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Rangers to provide meaningful service in restoring and maintaining the natural terrain for all who wish to enjoy it. 

Course Area

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area encompasses 67,000 acres of mountain ridge, forest and floodplain on both sides of the Delaware River in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. From the southern end of the park, you can view the S-shaped chasm of the Delaware Water Gap, where the river cuts a twisting path through 1,400-foot Kittatinny Ridge. Within the river watershed, you'll discover steep wooded-and-rock slopes, bountiful rhododendron, dark hallows, tinsel-like ravines and tumbling waterfalls.

Course Cost

Thanks to the generous financial support of the New York Life Foundation, we are able to offer a scholarship to every Heroic Journey student this summer. All will receive an award of at least $500 towards the cost of tuition. Additional financial aid is available based on need, up to the full tuition cost of $1,375. Other fees include an application fee of $125 and an in-course transportation fee of $125.