Superior Backpacking and Climbing for Boys
  • Superior Backpacking and Climbing for Boys

Join us on our STRIVE Expedition where you will have the adventure of your life as you learn what happens when you challenge yourself to do more than you ever thought possible!  These expeditions will push you to discover their strengths in and exciting and engaging environment as you backpack high above the largest lake in the world.  You will dig deep as you learn what it really means to challenge yourself, be a positive member of a team, problem solve and discover the empowerment that comes from being a positive leader.  The STRIVE expedition is designed to give each student the confidence to take the lead in their own lives. 


As you and your group hike and rock climb alongside Lake Superior, you will discover your personal strengths and leadership skills as you dig deep to make it up to the top of the vista overlooking Lake Superior.  Throughout this expedition you participate in activities and create opportunities for leadership, collaboration, self-reliance, compassion all leading to success!  You gain technical skills in wilderness travel like backpacking techniques, fire building, navigation and leave no trace ethics and at the same time interpersonal skill like communication, problem-solving, leadership and collaboration.  Our founder Kurt Hahn often shared that we teach “through” the wilderness rather than “for” the wilderness, resulting in students gaining skills that are important for today and last a lifetime.

This is an introductory experience in backpacking and climbing. Students carry all of the basic necessities for life on the trail, packed on backs.  Early in course you learn how to efficiently pack your backpack and navigate through the rugged Northwoods landscape.  After lessons about trail travel, students progress to learning to navigate using map and compass. Students  also understand river and forest ecology, fire building, camp craft, and expeditionary travel.  Each night, you camp, pitch your tents, cook and talk over an open fire.

Part of your experience will include rock climbing where we will teach you proper climbing, and belaying techniques.  You and your crew will cheer each other on as each of you scale vertical granite cliffs (securely tied into anchored ropes of course). A solo and service are also components of this expedition.

Successful completion of your course demands mastery of skills, trust, fitness, confidence, tenacity, leadership, initiative and compassion. On your Outward Bound course you will discover what it means when you realize “there is more in you than you think.”  We believe when you do, as Hahn stated, “you will be unwilling to settle for less.”


Superior Hiking Trail, Lake Superior, MN—On the southern edge of the massive Canadian Shield (a granite rock formation that runs from Minnesota all the way to Hudson Bay and the Northwest Territories) sits the largest freshwater lake in the world: Lake Superior.  Along the crest of the low mountains that border Superior’s rugged north shore sits the Superior Hiking Trail.  Over 200 miles of wilderness trail, the Superior Hiking Trail runs continuously from Canada to Duluth, MN all the while traversing the mighty Superior.  Students will camp along the trail through the whole course, surrounded by majestic state and national forests. Near the southern terminus of the trail, the topography reaches its most dramatic at a peninsula called Shovel Point.  Vertical granite cliffs rise 100 feet straight out of the lake and here the students will learn to rock climb as the culmination of the expedition. 

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