Outward Bound Urban Centers

Through its Schools in Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco/Bay Area, Omaha, Portland and the Twin Cities, Outward Bound strengthens and empowers communities to effect positive change with customized programming. Working with schools and community organizations, Outward Bound helps individuals in these communities realize their true potential, often times despite many competing factors in the students' lives. Field staff who work in these Schools must have a strong will and desire to deliver our mission to those who could benefit most from it. Individuals interested in employment are most likely to be successful if they demonstrates multi-cultural competence and sensitivity, the ability to recognize when issues of diversity need to be addressed and prove competent managing challenging groups of students.


We are seeking educators with leadership experience at other outdoor organizations or in public service. Qualities we are in search of include: character, empathy, commitment, and multi-cultural competency and familiarity with diverse populations. We look for individuals who display proven and sound judgment in challenging circumstances but also the ability to learn from mistakes.

Physical and Emotional Stamina:

Applicants must be sufficiently fit to participate in all the course activities for a given school and maintain energy, strength, emotional stability and focus to support and lead students with sometimes substantial physical and emotional obstacles.

Course Area Competencies:

We use high ropes courses, backpacking, canoeing, traditional classroom settings and the major metropolitan areas where our students live to deliver Outward Bound's mission. Applicants who have both solid technical skills in one or more of these areas as well as a proven and sustained ability to work with underserved populations in an urban setting are the ideal candidates for field staff positions for the urban Outward Bound schools.

General Requirements:
  • 21 years or older.
  • Current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification and adult CPR.
  • Each school may have additional requirements, see individual websites for details.

Urban Instructing Positions are Available at the Following Schools:

North Carolina Outward Bound School—Atlanta Center

Philadelphia Outward Bound School

Baltimore Outward Bound School

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center

Voyager Outward Bound School—Twin Cities

Outward Bound California—Bay Area Center

Omaha Outward Bound Center

Northwest Outward Bound School—Portland