Logistics Work at Outward Bound

Behind the scenes at any Outward Bound location there is a team of people dedicated to orchestrating all of the logistical and support work it takes to achieve an effective course. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes in to setting up, executing and breaking down each and every one of our courses- no matter the length, course area or elements of the course may be.

As a logistician at an Outward Bound Center your role is to work in collaboration with many of the staff at your location. Each of the Outward Bound Schools have a logistical staff or team of staff members. As a logistician, you will work closely with (dependent on location) the Head Logistical Coordinator, Program Director and Course Director to ensure that the instructors and through them, the students, are provided with the necessary resources to be successful .

We look for similar characteristics in our logisticians as we do our instructors. The ability to work as part of a team, effectively manage detailed and intricate plans, anticipate course needs and seek out as well as provide pertinent feedback are key to finding success in this role. Individuals interested in logistical positions should be competent with outdoor living and have knowledge and capabilities in the care and maintenance of gear and equipment.