Group Wilderness Programs from Outward BoundFor 45 years Outward Bound has offered Group Programs built on the belief that an individual, a team and an organization are capable of transcending virtually any of the challenges that stand between them and the fulfillment of their highest aspirations. Our programs are experiential, exciting, and engage the whole person in order to cultivate the qualities and skills that help individuals achieve their greatest potential, and help them to work together as effective teams.

Outward Bound Group Programs are custom designed under three formats:

High School & College Programs

High school and college programs help schools, colleges, camps, clubs, and youth organizations develop self-direction, leadership and community. They have also been shown to improve student retention, team performance, and achievement levels.

Health & Social Services Programs

Health and social services programs help individuals impacted by illness, injury, disability, trauma, violence, intolerance or economic/social instability to reacquire the confidence, trust, and esteem needed to energize their lives and become fully contributing members of their communities.

Other Groups

If you want to experience a wilderness adventure with a group of friends, family, or colleagues, Outward Bound can develop a unique program to serve your needs. We tailor activities to the abilities of participants and keep the focus on shared adventure.

For corporate training programs, learn about Outward Bound Professional.