Decide on a program type, location and length that best suits your group's schedule and needs then give us a call or fill out the contact form. One of our Regional Directors will work with you to tailor an itinerary that best meets your group's goals and objectives. The duration, season and location of your program along with the physical abilities of participants are factored into the choice of activities. Each program is designed to be a unique experience for your group.

Typical Expedition Design

  1. Participants learn basic wilderness travel and camping skills. This includes everything from packing and carrying backpacks, to tying knots, to reading topographic maps and compasses, to camp cooking and lighting stoves, to erecting tents and tarps. These skills are taught with environmental concerns and a healthy lifestyle as the primary consideration and guideline.
  2. The course progression is designed to first build self-esteem and self-confidence -- participants are led through several activities in which they experience success in a new environment. With this foundation they are asked to take on greater responsibilities and stretch themselves in more difficult activities. As they work together to overcome challenges, instructors provide opportunities for each individual to lead the group and they focus discussions on leadership skills and styles and personal and group interactions.
  3. A solo experience is generally included for participants to have time to reflect upon accomplishments and integrate experiences from the wilderness into their lives back home.
We provide all specialized equipment (backpacks, tarps/tents, climbing equipment, camp gear, boats and sleeping bags), food, lodging, transportation during the program, secondary medical insurance, first aid supplies and, of course, your instructors. Your group will need to bring the appropriate clothing for the backcountry, and obtain transportation to and from your program site. Before your program, we will provide you with necessary information including clothing lists, conditioning information, medical forms and directions to your program site. Your group is responsible for completing and returning all medical forms well before the course start date.