This is a tremendous opportunity for adventure and self-discovery to our veterans of combat operations in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Our programs offer numerous wilderness adventures exclusively for war veterans. Our goals include helping participating veterans build a supportive community with other war veterans; facilitating discussions on readjustment and transition challenges; and re-energizing and reinvigorating spirits with adventures and challenges in the beautiful outdoors. Though most of the courses underwritten by donors are full, we are taking waitlist requests.

Custom Courses:
We will schedule customized expeditions upon request for groups of war veterans; these customized expeditions can be tailored to specific needs. These courses can be scheduled at any time of year and at nearly any location where Outward Bound operates. If you want to schedule a Custom Course, please contact us at, or call 866-669-2362 ext. 8387.

Course Offerings:
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