For schools, colleges, teams, clubs, camps and youth organizations, the heart of an Outward Bound Group Expedition is wilderness challenge. Our expeditions into the wilderness leave behind the everyday distractions and social expectations that impede the process of discovery and learning. Whether climbing a mountain, paddling across the wilderness, or sailing a boat far down the coast, participants engage in activities with a real purpose and overcome challenges through problem-solving, leadership, effort, persistence and teamwork. Away from their familiar, predictable home environments, individuals must stretch beyond their preconceived limits to assist in the success of the greater goal as a team.

These wilderness adventures generate interactions at a level of fundamental human values: honesty, integrity, dignity, responsibility, trust, self-determination, and a readiness for service. Most importantly, they help individuals discover what it's like to contribute to a significant group accomplishment.
Outward Bound helps participants tie the collaboration, values and achievements realized in the wilderness to personal excellence, leadership, care for community, environmental stewardship and direction-setting in their lives at school, work and home.

High School and College Group Expeditions are ideal for:

  • Freshman Pre-orientations - University of Chicago Pre-Orientations
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Sports Teams
  • College Outdoor Adventure Programs - staff trainings and spring breaks
  • College Alumni
  • International Baccalaureate Groups
  • High School Travel - Fall, Winter or Spring Breaks,
  • Middle School Travel - End-of-School Trips
  • Camps serving High School Campers or Counselors-In-Training