"I found peace that I thought was lost; found beauty I stopped seeing; and found friends, including myself."

Outward Bound has conducted therapeutic wilderness courses in conjunction with agencies, hospitals, psychiatrists and social workers in Colorado since 1982. Our Survivor of Violence Recovery Program offers challenging group experiences that enhance cooperation and trust. Frank discussions and solo time are part of each course and allow participants to work through feelings that surface with the help of therapists on course.

Survivors of sexual assault, incest and domestic violence have a unique opportunity to work together to overcome obstacles, conquer fear and gain support from a group of people who have had to cope with violence in their lives.

For many participants, a connection with their physical body is an important part of the experience. The challenges of Outward Bound require each participant to commit physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to the program. This holistic perspective brings individuals in touch with parts of themselves that have been under-nurtured for years. Scholarships are available for Colorado Residents through local VALE and VOCA grants.

Program Objectives
  • To improve self-confidence through successful accomplishments.
  • To provide a greater impact in the therapeutic process by quickly moving participants into a stable position.
  • To transfer new insights gained on course back to the home environment.