The Intercept Journey

Skill Development

Gain fundamental skills in wilderness travel, Leave No Trace practices, campcraft and self-care, helping you apply what you have learned and relying on yourself.

Communication & Teamwork

Courses help you practice vital teamwork and communication skills - spanning constructive feedback, conflict resolution and anger management - that will serve you well beyond your course.

Final Expedition

Rise to the challenge of a final peak ascent, rock climb or big whitewater day - that will push your limits and solidify your confidence as a leader and problem solver.

Family Participation

A multi-day seminar at course end will help set the path for your family after the expedition ends. With instructor facilitation, make a new agreement to guide life at home.


Away from the pressures of school and home and faced with the healthy risks and challenges that the wilderness presents, students have the time and space to examine the choices they have been making and focus on positive decision-making.

Purposeful Challenge

Wilderness activities are used throughout your course as metaphors for tackling personal and mental challenges in daily life, allowing you to redefine your self-image through a sense of personal achievement.

Individual Support

An average 1:4 instructor-to-student ratio allows for ample individual attention. Instructors work with students throughout the course to make solid self-assessments, set achievable goals and achieve success.


Solo. A time to rest, to sit alone and reflect on your journey. Solo helps you mentally transition to your journey home. You will spend two days at your own campsite with shelter, food, water and regular check-ins from your instructors. Many students find Solo to be the highlight of their experience.


Participate in a major course-end service project like trail building. A healthy self-image includes recognizing how your positive contributions impact others and enrich the world and yourself.

Building Character

Outward Bound expeditions require participants to dig deep and discover hidden strength. After course, students report high levels of confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills.

Creating Leaders

Challenge, adventure and teamwork combine to create an ideal platform for teaching leadership. Outward Bound pushes you to explore and enhance your leadership skills on course and back home.

Tackling Real Life Issues

Our research shows that Intercept students experience a 52% increase in the prevalence of positive psychosocial development, a 33.5% decrease in depression, a 47.5% decrease in family conflict, a 28.6% decrease in substance abuse and a 61.9% decrease in school problems.