Intercept Program for At-Risk Youth and Troubled Teens

Our award-winning Intercept program is designed to address the needs of struggling teens and at-risk youth beginning to demonstrate destructive behaviors, as well as the needs of their families.

Intercept helps youth, ages 12- 22, connect their desire for more freedom and independence with the reality that they must take on the responsibility that comes with that freedom. Intercept courses are designed to replace the often negative challenges of the teen years with extremely positive ones. The group expedition in “unfamiliar territory” instills confidence and strength and helps teens develop new perspectives and skills for dealing with the transition to adulthood.

Outward Bound Intercept instructors believe that everyone has talent and potential. Instructors know that wilderness expeditions are a wonderful crucible of known and unknown, clarity and confusion, challenge and reward that help individuals discover their strengths.

With a focus on increasing self-awareness, communication and goal-setting, students return home from their expedition having further developed the values and skills needed to create and maintain a healthier self-image, trustworthy relationships and productive life skills. Parents and guardians join us for the last three days of the program in a pivotal and productive workshop with instructors and students.


Intercept is the recipient of the Society for Adolescent Medicine's 2009 Hillary E.C. Millar Award for Innovative Approaches to Adolescent Health Care, cited for working with challenging teens in such a positive manner that ultimately affects their health as it is directed at positive developmental milestones and well-being.

We serve youth, young adults, families, schools and communities throughout the United States at risk of academic failure, dropping out of school, delinquency or becoming chronic offenders. Our award-winning programs for struggling youth and troubled teens provide real life challenges in a structured environment and are recognized for their ability to foster positive development and well-being for troubled teens.