The veterans Journey

Skill Development

Gain fundamental skills in wilderness travel, Leave No Trace practices, campcraft and self-care that will help you focus on living in the moment.


Courses provide vital camaraderie and communication skills that will help you successfully return to your family and community.

Challenge Event

Meet the challenge of a final peak ascent, rock climb or big whitewater day - that will push your limits and increase your sense of worth in a non-military setting.


Scaffolding wartime experiences (heavy packs, sleeping out, noises, sweat, dirt and frustration) in stunning and beautiful wilderness areas and in an environment of support and relative safety helps to bridge the interpersonal and physical intensity of war with the positive and rewarding experiences of Outward Bound.


Wilderness activities are used throughout your course as metaphors for the pursuit of individual and group excellence in daily life.


Group discussions and time for individual reflection throughout the course help you see how the support and collaboration needed to travel in the wilderness are also needed to navigate life back home.

Building Well-Being

Outward Bound Veterans expeditions require participants to dig deep and discover strength in a non-military setting. After course, participants report higher levels of self-confidence and experience healthier and more balanced lives.

Helping PTSD

Research shows an increase in participants’ sense of coherence - the ability to effectively manage and find meaning in stressful situations. This skill can result in decreases in depression, anxiety, anger and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Continuing Service

Veterans course graduates leave with the tools to translate their military values and experiences to life back home so they can continue to serve their communities.