Inspire Bold Futures in 2022!

The Compass Rose Circle is a way for individuals to give back, at various levels, in support of Outward Bound. We invite you to join and connect with others who share your passion for life-changing experiences in the outdoors. This year’s membership includes special recognition at our 60th Anniversary Celebration event on September 14, 2022.

We’re taking bold steps as leaders in experiential education, and we want you to be a part of it. When you join the Compass Rose Circle, you support these important 2022 initiatives: 

  • Nature-based programming elevated by the science of learning and development
  • Access and opportunity in new and continued partnerships with schools and youth-serving organizations
  • Innovation in experiential education with virtual classrooms and learning tools that improve access and equity

Annual benefits include:

  • Access to news and updates from OBUSA and its regional Schools
  • Opportunities for meaningful engagement with Outward Bound’s leaders, staff and students
  • Unique ways to participate in national events.

Together, we can help youth, adolescents and adults pursue lives of purpose and compassion.

Pledge Your Support Today

Compass Rose Circle participation starts at $1,000 per year, with increasing participation and benefits. To “pledge” your support and receive an invoice, submit the form below.

If you prefer to make your contribution online by credit card, click here. 


Alan Kreczko and Becky Latimer
Andrew Valentine
Ari Fuad
Atwater Kent Foundation, Inc.
Azurite Consulting
Barbara Doran
Benjamin Jaffray
Brandon & Wendy Johnson Family Foundation
Cathy and Robert Solomon
Charles Stone
Christopher Harte
Clay and Margaret Fowler
Craig and Kathy Stine
Daniel and Ashley Fisher
David Lu
Elizabeth Munro
Frances Ashley
Geoffrey and Virginia Worden
George Frenzel
George McCown
Gerry Hodes
Graham Bergh
Henry and Edith McHenry
J.W. Gibson
James Davies
James Down
Jamie and Meg McLane
Jarold Boettcher
John and Alexandra Read


Jonathan and Robin Painter
Karl Paulsen
Kathy & Rick Walton Charitable Foundation
Keith and Liz Fleischman
Kenneth Gillmore
Leen Foundation
Linda Vance and Michael Ridder
Lisa and Erec Isaacson
Mark and Joan Abramowitz
Mark Gibson
Michael Abel
Michael Dobler
Michael Gray
Michael Stanley
Moreen McGurk
Peter Baum
R. Bruce Rich
Ronald and Deborah Weston
Rufus Dalton
Stephen Hassenfelt
Susan and Guy Shoemaker
Susan Biancani
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation
The Orange Tree Foundation
The Sealark Foundation, Inc.
The Toby & Nataly Ritter Family Foundation
Thiel Butner
Will Harte
William Sutton

All Outward Bound USA donors are critical to our continued growth and educational mission accomplishment. To donate at any level, please click here. 

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