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Be part of our team. Find satisfaction in helping others reach their full potential.

Who Are Our Staff

As a leading organization in the field of experiential education, our instructors are accomplished outdoor educators, with extensive experience and training in technical and facilitation skills. Our community and administrative staff are passionate about our mission and are focused on supporting the mission of the school in the communities we serve. We value and seek a diverse range of people who are sincerely interested in the growth and development of others on a personal, group and larger societal level.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

Outward Bound is committed to equal opportunity for its employment, without discrimination on the basis of race, color creed, national or ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, marital or parental status, status with respect for public assistance or veteran’s status.

Considerations for Potential Applicants

Outward Bound is a worldwide organization that consists of several independent schools.  For applicants, this means that you do not simply apply to work at Outward Bound and then find out where you are stationed.  It is an important part of the process to research each school and determine which position(s) you are interested in applying for.  Potential applicants should be asking themselves what type of population(s) they would like to serve, what technical skills they feel comfortable/qualified to facilitate, and in what part of the country they would like to work.