Our administrative staff bring unique lived experiences, skills, and talents and are united by a sincere commitment to changing lives through challenge and discovery. Our students – and our staff – come to Outward Bound with a learning mindset and along the way, discover a compassionate community, strengths they never knew they had, and tools to face new challenges with confidence. This is rewarding work. 

Behind the scenes at any Outward Bound location there is a team of people dedicated to managing business functions like admissions, marketing and outreach, HR and staffing, fundraising and finance, facilities, and risk management. While they may not work in the field (although some do that, too!), these folks are accountable for the student, family, and staff experience. And there are different branches of administrative roles – some work directly with our program teams on delivering high-quality course experiences; some work at regional School headquarters to keep the organization running; and some are on our national team where they support the entire Outward Bound system across the U.S.


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Positions at Outward Bound USA

Are you interested in supporting the mission of Outward Bound from an office setting? Administrative positions at Outward Bound USA are an opportunity to work with Outward Bound Schools across the country in our shared mission to change lives through challenge and discovery. 

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Our Classroom

At Outward Bound, our locations are truly special. Whether we’re working with students onsite at their school, at a local park or open space, or on a backcountry expedition, the environment plays an important role. 

From Thompson Island in the Boston Harbor and North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains to the Colorado Rockies and the Central Cascades of Oregon, Outward Bound’s expeditions take students through some of the most iconic landscapes in the U.S. Click here for a full map.

Through our Schools in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco/Bay Area, Portland, and the Twin Cities, Outward Bound strengthens and empowers communities to affect positive change with customized local programming. Working with schools and community organizations, Outward Bound helps individuals in these communities realize their true potential, oftentimes despite many competing factors in the students' lives.

Our Leadership

We are seeking administrative staff with experience in their discipline, who are excited to bring those talents to a community-based organization with a learning mindset. Qualities we look for include integrity, empathy, and commitment. Individuals interested in employment are most likely to be successful if they demonstrate multi-cultural competence and sensitivity and the ability to recognize when issues of equity need to be addressed.

We strive to create a culture in which all staff and students feel a sense of belonging and find the support they need to accomplish their goals. And we work to build compassion within crews so that they acknowledge the dignity and worth of each person, celebrate their strengths and contributions, and support them through growth and challenge.

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