Sample Itinerary
Course start, review equipment, rescue skills, and boat packing techniques
Begin kayak expedition: learn paddle strokes and boat control techniques
Paddling: learn navigation skills, reading tidal charts and flow, and using a weather radio
Paddling: Everglades natural history lesson; beach campfire
Final expedition paddle; course end ceremony
Course end; transportation to the airport

Do you ever want to unplug, step away from your daily responsibilities, and face new challenges? Adventure is calling! Outward Bound’s Classic expeditions for adults are designed to help you hit the reset button by breaking your routines and radically changing your surroundings. This is an opportunity to build new skills and remind yourself (or discover for the first time) what it feels like to crest a mountain peak, hear the echoes at the edge of a vast canyon, or feel the rush of whitewater. Put some “firsts” in front of you and you’ll find that the moments of unexpected discovery linger long after you return home. 

  • Build skills, form connections: Meet like-minded peers and make connections as you work through priorities and adventures together, learn outdoor skills at the hands of expert Instructors, and earn every good night’s sleep.
  • Value strengths and strengthen values: Re-discover your inner strength, renew your natural leadership abilities and practice adapting to new environments. Tap in to your trust and compassion as you tackle obstacles with a support crew standing beside you.
  • Demonstrate mastery: As you awaken your wilderness skills and dig deep to rise to the physical and mental challenges, the bulk of the expedition’s leadership and decision-making responsibilities transfer from the Instructor to the crew. Work together to achieve team goals, solve problems and succeed both individually and together.
  • What you’ll learn: By allowing yourself to focus beyond daily responsibilities and obligations, you’ll master more difficult skills and open yourself up to new directions and opportunities you never thought possible. You’ll find clarity in the life changes you’re facing, you’ll uncover inspiration in the wilderness, and you’ll renew your sense of adventure to take on the next challenge in front of you. 

Return home with newly expanded wilderness acumen, an energized outlook, a rekindled allowance of empathy into situations and relationships and an eye toward the future.

On this course, students will be navigating the Florida Everglades, carrying everything they need in the hull of their sea kayak. Both single and tandem kayaks will be used and students will have the opportunity to spend time in both vessels. Depending on the wind and weather, the level of difficulty will vary from day to day. Crews will practice marine expedition risk assessment and management, route planning, navigation, paddle stroke techniques, kayak-based rescues and equipment use and its care. Once beached, the crew will practice cooking and Leave No Trace camping before tucking in for the night.

Service to others and the environment is a core value of Outward Bound and is integrated into each course. Participants follow Leave No Trace ethics as service to the environment and do acts of service while leading and supporting fellow participants. Students develop a value of service, seeing the impact of their actions firsthand, and transfer this desire to serve their communities back home.

A little more than halfway through course, students will participate in a reflection period called Solo. During this time, Instructors assign students their own individual spaces within a designated area. These sites are both secluded and within hearing distance of other group members and Instructors for safety. Students will be given all the necessary gear, food, water and skills to enjoy this time alone. Solo is a great opportunity for students to relax, recharge and reflect on their course after having long days of strenuous group activities. They also know the location of their Instructors should they need to contact them for any reason. Instructors will be monitoring students closely during this experience.

Acquire a taste for adventure on this week-long Outward Bound experience, which reminds students of their connection to nature and leaves them feeling inspired to take on real challenge in their everyday life. Through these condensed experiences, students become comfortable living and working together in the wilderness while practicing the Four Pillars of Outward Bound; craftsmanship, self-reliance, physical fitness and compassion. Participants also create a solid foundation of skills that they can build upon once they return home.

Everglades National Park, Florida

This course takes place off the west coast of southern Florida in Everglades National Park and Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge. As the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States and the third-largest national park in the lower 48 states, The Everglades provides a variety of precious wildlife habitats. The aquatic preserve hosts more than 350 species of birds, 300 species of fresh and saltwater fish, and 40 species of mammals within its confines. Everglades National Park is one of only three locations in the world to show up on lists of International Biosphere Reserves, Wetlands of an International Importance, and World Heritage Sites. As a subtropical region, The Everglades have a 12-month growing season. The Florida peninsula is believed to be the last part of the continental United States to rise from the ocean, making it the youngest region geologically and only Alaska can claim a longer shoreline. The Everglades have mild and pleasant temperatures from December through April, with low humidity and clear skies. Temperatures reach average highs of 88 degrees and lows of 54 degrees throughout. These regions are the ancestral lands of the Calusa, Miccosukee, and Seminole nations.


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